velocity, current and wave sensors

Velocity, Currents, Waves

Measure water flow and movement

  • Aanderaa Doppler Current Profiler Sensors

    The Aanderaa Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS) is a medium range 600kHz current profiler for deployment on fixed or moving platforms.

  • Aanderaa ZPulse Doppler Current Sensors

    The ZPulse Doppler Current Sensor (DCS) is a single-point current sensor for use with the Aanderaa SeaGuardII platform or external measurement systems using RS-232 interface.

  • Geolux Non-Contact Flow Sensor

    The Geolux non-contact flow sensor has an integrated radar surface velocity and level sensor for contactless velocity, level, and volumetric flow measurements.

  • Geolux Non-Contact Surface Velocity Sensor

    The Geolux non-contact surface velocity sensor uses radar technology for providing contactless measurement of velocity for water level, flood, and discharge monitoring applications.

  • Geolux Non-Contact Wave Sensors

    The Geolux non-contact wave sensor is a high sampling frequency version of the radar level sensor, which is targeted towards tidal monitoring, oceanographic, coastal and maritime applications.

  • OTT SVR 100 Surface Velocity Radar Sensor

    OTT SVR 100 is a simple, non-contact, compact surface water velocity radar sensor designed for measuring flow in open channels and rivers where reliable velocity data is required continuously.

  • SeaView Systems SVS-603HR Wave Sensor

    The SVS-603HR Wave Sensor is an augmented version of the highly accurate SVS-603 wave sensor that reports heading, wave height, wave period and wave direction via RS-232 or logs to its on-board data logger.

  • Argonaut-XR Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers

    SonTek Argonaut-XR Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

    The SonTek Argonaut-XR is an advanced Doppler sonar for three dimensional water velocity measurement.

  • Acoustic Doppler Flow Meters

    SonTek-IQ Series Acoustic Doppler Flow Meters

    Ideal for monitoring flows in canals, culverts, pipes, and natural streams, the SonTek-IQ starts with a custom flow algorithm derived from hundreds of field measurements.

  • SonTek-SL Series Side-Looking Doppler Current Meters

    The SonTek-SL Series side-looking Doppler current meters are an advanced instrument for water velocity measurement and flow calculations in streams, rivers, and other water bodies.